Fluff (-y dragon feet)

Firstly I want to apologize for being a bit lazy with my last few posts! It’s all been fluff really… from quirky quotes to OPW. Buuuut… as you probably know I am quite a fan of the candyflossy fluffball cute things in life, so guess my blog tends to reflect that.

However, I would like to inform you that there are a few important things going on in my brain too. Even more so of late than usual actually.

Sadly, with me, important things usually take their dear sweet time to be digested and an even longer time to be translated from jumbled thoughts meandering along my brainwaves to clearly ordered lines of text on a page.

Sooooo… I’m working – and when I say working I really mean drinking coffee, thinking and discussing with my advisors – on something a bit more substantial, please just be patient.

In the mean time CHECK THESE OUT!!! They’re my new slippers!

LOVE LOVE LOVE at first sight in the Kiddies Section of Mr. Price home.
I tried them on and they fit... therefore I just HAD TO HAVE them! It's not everyday slippers in the kiddies section fit you!
Now I just want to wear them AAALLLL the time!!

Who wants to read deep and meaningful stuff anyway, right? (I’m still going to attempt it though)


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