Snail mail

Discussing where to get stamps

There’s an Afrikaans saying that goes “Trou is nie perde koop nie,” which basically means getting married/having a wedding isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Similarly I can quite safely tell you that “Briewe pos is nie Facebook nie” i.e. posting letters is no joke, as Nikola and I found out this past week when we decided to finally get some ink-on-paper-post-stamped love to Tanee and Larel (my cousins and her sisters) who are currently despairing (damn spell check!) au-pairing in the Netherlands as well as Leandra, my English teacher homie in South Korea (you’re just getting one from me, though doggo!).

Our mission of course started with the very best of intentions. The actual writing of letters, the purchase of envelopes, the getting of addresses… all check!

But then came the tricky part.

The buying of stamps.

Our first attempt: The large and looming post office in Grand Central (behind the Golden Acre). One look at the snaking queues and we knew we would be stuck there way beyond our lunch hour.

Our second attempt: solo reconnaissance missions in our separate suburbs. Due to stupid business hours and lack of stamp-selling innovation on the part of outlets that shall not be named our mission failed.

Our third attempt: a strategic planning session at Yours Truly in Long Street over lunch, followed by a CBD walkabout with Imar as our guide.

I’m pleased to say that the third attempt was successful as we finally came upon the magical little post office in Loop Street (Cue the angel choir).

Here’s what followed (captured by Imar’s iPhone lens):

Buying stamps from the lady...
Letters all stamped and ready to go... taken with my phone, not Imar's
Posting of letters

So, now that we’ve found you, little Loop Street post office, we’ll never let you go. All you dear ones over the waters, prepare for some serious snail mail spam! 🙂

P.s May this post also serve as proof in case our postal system lives up to it’s terrible name!


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