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Happy Weekend!

Source: via Nadia on Pinterest

I seriously can’t believe how this week has flown! It feels like only a few hours ago that I did the last Happy Weekend post. Gosh… is time going faster and faster or what? Scary thing… actually it is. Apparently after the Japan earthquake hit, our time sped up with 1.6 microsecond! Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it sure seems to be having an impact… on my life anyway. All the more reason to make the most of each microscopic unit of time we have available to us, I guess.

So, I hope you manage to fill Friday afternoon to Sunday night with moments that are meaningful to you, thoughts that are light, and people who bring out the absolute best in you!

The two weekend songs:

1. Ek Skyn (Heilig) – Fokofpolisiekar

I saw them play live for the first time in years on Wednesday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. The gig was the final one of the launch tour for their first authorised biography, Biografie van n Bende: Die Storie van Fokofpolisiekar (written by Annie Klopper) and took place at my old favourite Mercury Live – it felt like the old days! This song has always been beautiful and special to me…

Favourite lines: pretty much the chorus

I also love the video – creates such a feeling of nostalgia.

2. January 1979 – Mewithoutyou

Okay, so maybe not exactly easy-listening, but I’ve always loved Mewithoutyou’s wacky poetical lyrics. They are probably one of my 5 favourite bands, but I don’t even own a single album. So sad, I know… would be grateful if someone could tell me where to get one!

Favourite lines: After years with a crown on my head, I’ve grown overfed, unconcerned and comfortably numb.
Kept busy indulging in the pleasures of the wealthy.
(Someone make me afraid of what I’ve become!)
At the first sign of possible sorrow, I turned my heels and ran.
(Oh, I’ll never learn.)
My life is a cup of sugar I’ve borrowed before time began and forgot to return.

My favourite part of the whole song happens between 1:48 and 2:00 minutes into the song. It’s an instrumental bit that just makes me want to dance like a hippy :).

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