Come pin with me!

Hi my name is Nadia and I’m an obsessive pinner.

It all started when I opened a Pinterest account a couple of months ago. At first it was a bit strange – I didn’t know what to do or how to go about it, but before long I found that it was easier to pin, than not to pin.

That is when I realised my virtual life had changed. No longer could I see pretty pictures on the internet without feeling the need to reach for the quick and easy ‘Pin It’ bookmark at the top of my screen.

So all-consuming is my obsession that I am now at the point where I curate 15 pinboards, of which 9 are active and updated on a daily basis. Do I need help?

I think not.

Okay, but seriously… How cool is Pinterest?!?! If you’re a fan of the internet’s oh so generous offering of cool, pretty, cute and cutting edge content and you do not have an account just yet, I think it’s time you investigated. It’s just a fantastic way of sorting and storing images that get your creative juices flowing.

You can curate as many themed boards as you like. As I mentioned I have 15 boards, of which I actually only pin onto 9. These boards include Dreamy Abodes, Dreamy Work Spaces, Delightful Designs and For Future Blog Reference.

So, I’ve decided to showcase my pinboards on my blog from time to time starting today with Dreamy Abodes. I will just post a few of pictures from each, so that you will all be inspired to go and have a look at the rest on my Pinterest home page, which will hopefully inspire you to come pin with me! YAY!


Picture from: martawrites.com Found it thanks to Rebecca Meissner from Love Made Visible

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