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Happy (LONG) Weekend!

I wish you weekend blessings of quality time with good friends, at least one fantastic breakfast, lots of breathtaking moments in nature, an encounter with something/someone cute/refreshing and some rejuvenating me-time (even if it’s just a late-night cup of tea as you reminisce over your busy day).

Remember Monday’s a public holiday! Happiness and dancing!

So here are two BEAUT songs to start your weekend off with…

1. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

Don’t think it’s the official music video, but it’s still quite pretty… 🙂

Favourite lines: If I know only one thing
Is that everything that I see
of the world outside is full of such wonder
that often, I barely can speak

Yeah, I’m tongue tied and dizzy
and I can’t keep it to myself
what good is it to sing helplessness blues?

2. Joanna Newsom – The Sprout and the bean

She’s kind of weird and plays a harp… what’s not to love?!

Favourite lines: The difference between
The sprout and the bean
It is a golden ring
It is a twisted string…

As well as these wacky ones: the hollow chatter of the talking of the tadpoles
Who know th’outside
Should we go outside

Have no idea what it means, but I just like the delicate weave of words!

So, there you go! Have a most happy weekend!


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