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Blue Crush 2 trailer – cringe worthy or cool?


Normally I would have rolled my eyes at the lameness of the whole idea… A Hollywood movie about a Californian surfer girl on a journey through South Africa to find the perfect wave and probably herself too. A clear recipe for disaster, right?

Well, despite the slightly off accents, this trailer actually gave me goosebumps *BLUSH*! It seems like a genuinely feel good movie that really shows off the best of our country’s coastline…

What I loved most about the little peek I just had, is the fact that many of the locations they used actually lie quite close to my heart: JBay, Coffee Bay and Glenmore in particular!

Yes, GLENMORE! The tiny KZN South Coast hamlet we used to go to for big family Christmas holidays every second year… A place with many happy memories for me :).

The same with Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast. Morne, a few friends and I traveled up there for New Year about 2 years ago and it was like paradise. I’m not entirely sure of this, but I think the one beach bar featured in the film is in fact an awesome place called Bomvu Lodge that we visited a few times for drinks.

Finally JBay – South Africa’s most famous surf spot and a town I have come to like quite a lot. If our schedules allow, we are fond of going there in July every year to rub shoulders with the surfing worlds’ greats during the annual Billabong Pro. I was once lucky enough to see Kelly Slater score a perfect 10 for riding one of those luxuriously long waves like only he can!

So, if I have to pick between cringe worthy or cool… I think my heart is leaning more toward cool. Keen to see what the actual movie is like, though before singing its praises too loudly.

Here’s the trailer… tell me what you think:


  • Lea Smit

    I would love to watch it for the sake of seeing familiar South African backgrounds and scenery in the movie. The typical hot surfer chick movie not really my scene- but I have leant not to judge a movie before I watch it- you never know what idealistic heart strings it may tug at.

    • Nadia

      Yes! My thoughts exactly, Lea! Seeing our familiar beaches through this rather foreign gaze will, no doubt, be quite intriguing… xx

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