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Foefie sliding – wheeeee!!!

Okay, there is something you should know about me – I am dead scared of heights! So scared in fact that my knees start wobbling when I have to cross the rather safe skywalk that stretches from our offices to our rooftop parking area.

So, when I saw the Ceres Zip Sliding adventure on our itinerary for the media trip I nearly fainted. But, luckily my fear of being labelled a wussy scaredy cat won out over my fear of heights and I managed to do all 1,4 km of the course, which entailed racing through the air on 8 different slides with nothing but a rather uncomfortable crotch-pinching harness hooked to a cable – granted, it was a very thick cable – keeping me suspended. For me this is HUGE! I also had a bright pink breaking contraption to stop me from becoming the latest piece of rock art in the Ceres Mountains.

Once I had completed the first two slides, I started feeling a lot more confident and even managed to take in the view! And by the time I reached the end of the eighth slide I was pretty sad to leave. True story.

The whole thing is actually incredibly safe and well co-ordinated. We had two guides accompanying us – one to go first and receive each of us on the other side and one to wait till last and send each member of the group off safely. Apparently all of the cables are strong enough to carry 16 tons (i.e. 16 baby elephants – now that would be CUTE), so there is no chance it will snap… even if you are a fatty!

My advice if you’re planning on going: don’t be scared of speed, just watch the guide’s hand signals to see when you should start breaking. If you break to soon, you get stuck in the middle and end up hanging like a sad piece of washing on an abandoned clothes line. And that sucks. For many reasons, but especially because the guide will have to come over, wrap his legs around you and drag you to the other side. It makes for a bit of an awkward situation!

Fear of heights overcome… BRING ON TSITSIKAMMA CANOPY TOURS! Haha!



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