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Adventure in the winelands

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, much of my week was spent out of the office and on assignment… in the Cape Winelands!

We set out from Stellenbosch early on Thursday morning and meandered our way over Bain’s Kloof pass, through Wolseley, and into Tulbagh.  Most of the day was spent wine tasting, and learning about the histories of the different dorpies and farms through a haze of vino induced happiness.

After spending the night at Morgansvlei in Tulbagh we headed to Ceres on Friday morning for an adrenaline filled zip sliding adventure (but read more about that in the next post) and a traditional Cape cuisine lunch of rotis, curry and ginger beer.

In the hope of capturing something of the specialness I put together a reasonably comprehensive photo collage…


  • Being educated on organic nursaries by Klaas and Katriena Kupido at Waverley Hills Organic Wine farm on the outskirts of Wolseley. (See man in purple shirt witha handful of seeds in the photo collage)
  • Listening to Luke Krone’s stories about Tulbagh and Twee Jonge Gezellen wine farm. The farm has been in the Krone family since 1710 and is most famous for their divine sparkling wines. My favourite anecdote from this charismatic young man was the one about his grandad’s marriage proposal to his gran. Instead of the usual lines about spending lives together and stuff, he simply asked her if she would come and tend to the roses in his garden… how romantic?!
  • The country side charm that runs thick and deep inside all the people we encountered, as well as the environments they move around in. I felt particularly inspired by the generosity and hospitality that greeted us at each and every stop, as well as the general flair for pretty decor.
  • Lunch at Baba’s Jems in Ceres. Antie Baba is an amazing woman who makes amazing jams, sauces and all kinds of confectionary delighths. She also opens up her magically quaint home for traditional meals. With old record covers for table mats, shoes for plant pots, and a stack of old suitcases I really thought I was in vintage heaven.

Read my next post for the adventure pinnacle of my trip. The longest foefie slide in AFRICA!


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