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There are few things I love trawling the internet for more than a good street style blog. Yup, for someone who certainly doesn’t rank among even the most plebbish of fashionistas, I sure do love poring over photographs of ordinary people wearing cool clothes.

And don’t get me wrong here, of course I would LIKE to be a fashionista, but somehow – on me – garments that are supposed to drape elegantly, sag tragically, whites that are meant to be crisp and cool always end up getting soiled and funky hairstyles always fall flat. Buuut it’s okay… there are perks to being a plain Jane too. Like…

But I digress… What I REALLY want to tell you about is the super cool movie trailer I came across on The Sartorialist the other day.

Going by the name of Bill Cunningham New York the movie pays tribute to New York Times stalwart and fashion photographer extrodinaire – you guessed it – the legendary, Bill Cunningham.

Haven’t heard the name before? Not to worry, neither had I before watching the trailer. Or at least, if I had I didn’t remember. But from the tiny bit of research I have done in the mean time, it appears that he is widely credited as being the very first practitioner of street style photography.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – A WHOLE MOVIE ABOUT FASHION. BORING. But, if I understand it correctly – that would be missing the point. It’s more about the character that is Cunningham – an extremely private person, an ally of the stars, but most importantly a humble man with an insatiable desire to reflect beauty in his work.

Cunningham is now well into his 80s, but still cycles around the avenues and streets of New York in search of whatever it is that catches his eye to feature in his On The Street column.

Here, have a peek at the trailer:

According to director, Richard Press, it was quite a challenge to get Bill IN FRONT of the cameras for a change, but when it finally happened – it was pure magic.

To find out more about the movie go to Zeitgeist Films’ website. Or read this interview on Cool Hunting.

To find out more about Bill Cunningham himself, I guess Wikipedia will be your best bet.

If you want to read an interesting article on Bill Cunningham, I can recommend this one:

Man on the Street by Lauren Collins

or this one

Bill Cunningham is a dirty paparazzo

And finally two of my favourite street style blogs:

International – The Sartorialist (If you’re also a big fan, check out the latest Marie Claire’s About a Blog.)

Local – PopYaCollar



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