Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought it good to post a few romantic pics in celebration of LOVE. So, dear cynics, rather take your black hearts and bitter tongues elsewhere. Maybe here. Here. Or here.

A timely snap by acclaimed photgrapher, Malic Sidibe. Go read more about it here: http://www.pdnphotooftheday.com/2011/02/8275
From: http://girlsgotafacelikemurder.tumblr.com/page/2
Amelie and Nino scooting through PARIS! From: jerevedoncjesuis.wordpress.com
Maybe not love as such. But still kinda cute. From:http://jayantara.deviantart.com/art/Love-after-Rain-80020185

I’m the first to say Valentine’s Day is a load of commercial hogwash. But I’m also a fan of romance. So, I’d say… use this day to spoil the one you love with some old fashioned romantic gesture or two. Pick some flowers. Pack a picnic. Play putt putt.


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