Happy weekend!

This week really sped by. Can’t believe it’s Friday! YAY!

A busy weekend lies ahead, but hopefully also some room for relaxation.

And with no further ado… Two beautiful songs to welcome the weekend.

1. To be with you by The Honey Trees.

It’s a pretty love song with a magical music video. A treasure map, a secret key and big old-fashioned suitcases. Lovely!

Favourite line: “I held the stars to light where you are
When your unfeigned heart called to me through the dark”

2. Miss Teardrop by Felix Laband

So, there’s no music video and there are no lyrics… but it’s such a happy, tinkly song that lifts the heart. It makes me think of PE. I used to borrow my flatmate Dave’s Felix Laband cds and drive around the city. 😀

Hope your weekend is filled with lightness and laughter and happy tunes and at least one awesome dancing moment.


P.s The pic I used reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are. A girl version. Got it here.

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