List: things I learnt today

I went to a cocktail party/press conference at the One&Only this evening and was amazed, not by the decadent abundance of the hotel, but by how much a person can learn within the space of a few hours.

Not only about a place, but also about yourself, nature and life.

Here I must add that I don’t think it’s a coincidence that such learning curves occur at those moments when you feel most exposed and vulnerable. I guess it’s at times like these that you are also most open to newness.

So, here’s a short list of the things I learnt today, starting with the negatives, touching on the random and ending with the positives.

1. I don’t like hotels.

The view from the One & Only's penthouse. It was truly amazing, but I guess just not my scene.

Yes, they’re fancy and beautiful, but they’re also impersonal and cold. I had to visit reception three times just to figure out where my function was happening… not because I am a disoriented blond, but because they evidently didn’t know what was potting the first two times around. Not cool.

Apart from that… I will also never warm to hotel decor. Too many bright lights. Too many red carpets (can anyone say faux royal?). Too much sleekness. In short… it’s just too ugly for me. As my mom always says: “There’s beauty in imperfection.”

2. Sun fish are weird and cool!

Sun fish close to a boat

While waiting for the function to start I wandered along the docks in front of the Two Oceans Aquarium (located right next to the One & Only) to see if I could catch a glimpse of the fat and jolly seals… Although I did see a few of the cute bastards, I also got to see a SUN FISH! IN THE HARBOUR!

A very undefined, phone picture of mrs. Sunfish!

I remember seeing one in the aquarium years ago, but seeing one floating around in the relative freedom of the harbour… it’s pretty wow! They are really weird… very flat and they float on their sides. They have two little fins on their bodies – one on each side – and the one obviously sticks out while swimming. Their tails are not like normal fish tails, but funny and blunt with two more random floppy fins growing out the sides.

3. All ego wounds will eventually heal

I went to this function alone and didn’t know a single person when I walked through the door. After grabbing a glass of red wine I wandered about trying to look as intelligent and observant as possible, but pretty much felt like a little lost kid at some older kid’s party.

When I walked out onto the balcony of the penthouse I finally spotted someone I knew! But as Murphy would have it, this girl was once a ‘sworn enemy’ of mine.

Hehehe! Almost like this, but not quite! From: picture-book.com

You see, when I was in first year I met a rather average guy and thought I was in love. We had a little romance going, but he ended it quite soon. I was heart-broken. And the next time I saw him… well, he was hooking up with some tart.

Anyway, 7 years down the line and guess who’s the only person I know at a cocktail party?! The girl who single handedly destroyed my 1st year fantasy!

Luckily none of that old hurt and ‘hatred’ had festered, because the gain of having someone to chat to easily outweighed an old fued (that only I was aware of in the first place – haha!). Like me, she was also there by herself, doing a little work stint and feeling a bit odd. 🙂

4. The smarter the place, the more extravegant the press pack

A shoddy photo of the awesome press pack

Obviously. And I’m not complaining! The goodie bag we got from the One and Only contained:

  • A hard-cover cook book
  • A little container of delectable coffe-flavoured choccies
  • An Espa Moisturising Balm
  • And a little business card pouch.

I guess I could come up with a 5th, but that would just be groping at straws, so there you go!


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