This weekend I…

Sea point main road - on our way to Posticino

1. Enjoyed a luxurious evening at the Premier Hotel Cape Manor with my mom. She’s been working really hard and I like to think I have too, so we decided to treat ourselves to some well-deserved relaxation. Although I’m more of a rough and tumble camping type, the 4-star hotel treated us well with nice fluffy pillows, duvets and an extensive buffet brekkie. Supper wasn’t included in the deal, so we made our way to one of Sea Point Main Road’s most charming offerings – Posticino pizzeria. It comes highly recommended!

Although I felt like the ultimate tourist taking this photograph, I couldn't help myself - that's how purdy the clocktower is!

2. Went to the Waterfront with Lisa to see if we could have a closer look at the magnificent Queen Mary II which had docked in the Cape Town harbour on Friday. But alas… we couldn’t even catch a glimpse! :(. She must have docked a bit further along… a lady of her stature probably needs her space. So I just took a photo of the Clock Tower instead.

My beautiful blue Kaftan... Gypsy slash Mexican slash Hippie. I LOVE IT!

3. Bought a dreamy blue kaftan-type-tunic-type top from Accessorize. There were sales galore at the Waterfront on Saturday. Although most items were still not cheap, as such I spotted this beauty and just had to have it. I picked it up for a cool R180 and as I was paying found out that it had originally cost R600! I do love a bargain… now waiting for a suitable moment to wear it!

Rusty in a very rare moment of peace...

4. Looked after Rusty, Imar and Tamara’s super cute and crazy kitten, while they had a much needed weekend away (what with me living in their spare room and all – hahaha). He’s wild and very funny, but we did manage to chill out together once or twice for a few minutes!

5. Watched this movie with the BF… I found the romantic combo of David Duchovny and Demi Moore rather unconvincing. Not much chemistry there methinks. Apart from that the movie deals with an interesting theme, as this ‘family’ of four moves into a new neighbourhood with the sole intention of selling their lifestyle to their less glamorous neighbours.


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