Happy Weekend!

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times: weekends double – NAY! – triple in worth (and simultaneously seem to halve in time) once you leave your laid-back student days behind and enter the 8 – 5 working world.

So, get out there and have a blast this weekend! Enjoy every free moment you have, because Monday is just around the corner, waiting to catch you unaware and do all kinds of torturous things to you!! Just saying…

And on that note, two happy songs to welcome the weekend with:

Numero Uno… Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. Just a little bit of context before we listen:

Firstly – I seem to like songs that have ‘home’ as a theme, as you might remember from my previous “Happy Weekend” post.

Secondly – I know about the really cute cover version that has been doing the rounds. The one where the little girl and – I assume – her dad sing it together. Really adorable, but I prefer the original.

Thirdly – I prefer the original because the BF put it on a mix CD that we listened to on our roadtrip from PE to Joburg last year… I think the first time I heard it was while resurfacing from one of my famous car-induced stupors while driving somewhere near Cradock in the little Karoo. I remember only hearing the last few lines, and liking them… and then just putting it on repeat… over and over and over. Somehow the song suited the setting so well. Sweet memories… 🙂

So here it is – a glorified country love song that always makes my heart skip a few beats:

Favourite lines: “Laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night, nothing can be sweeter than with you. And in the streets we’re running free like it’s only you an me… Jeez, we’re something to see!”

En tweede – Die Heuwels Fantasties se Doodgewone Aand. It never ceases to amaze me how these guys somehow managed to make – and I know everyone will be very upset with me for saying this, but I mean it as a compliment because I LOOOOVE them – Afrikaans techno cool. (I know it’s not techno, but if you didn’t know any better you might think it is.)

Favourite lines: It’s so hard to pick just a few, because they make magic with words… but if I had to choose: “Sluk jou trane skattebol want jy is beter as die geroesmoes in hierdie plek” and “Ek kul jou hart, ek kon jou hart voel klop deur die spierwit lig, soos ‘n spierwit lig.”

So, hope your weekend is blessed with sunshine sans heatwaves, cool cocktails sans hangovers, and family time sans fights.



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