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Flat hunting is…

and let’s just be honest here… a complete nightmare!

Will I?!?!?!?! Photo:

I’ve been at it for close on 3 months now and have gone from finding a lovely place, paying a deposit, and getting excited about living by myself for the first time ever… to being flatless and living in Imar and Tamara’s spare room.

How did this happen? Well, let’s just say that down and out tenants who don’t have jobs, can’t pay the rent and refuse to move out have far more rights than landlords or aspiring tenants do. Leaving said future tenant – no matter how honest and hardworking they may be – to hang about in a painfully awkward in-between position and finally give up hope. (Note: this last bit only happens once the deposit has found its way safely back into no-longer-future tenant’s bank account.)

Not cool, but oh well. Things happen for a reason, right?

Anyway, so here I am back at square one  searching high and low – okay mostly high, as I feel like I am now a 25-year-old working woman who should be rising above those student day lows – to find a cosy, comfortable, sunny, wooden-floored, airy flat with a big balcony/stoep, a patch of garden and a space for a kittie.

The kittie I love

And, as many of you may know, this is no mean feat when searching in Cape Town’s vibey CBD. You are normally faced with one of two options: crusty and marginally cheap or awesome and breaking the bank.

It’s not all bad, though, as I have been both well entertained and occasionally charmed by the varying offerings Gumtree has brought to the table over the past couple of months.

Kind of what Gumtree would look like in real life. Photo:

For instance that beautifully maintained 1 bedroom flat with it’s shiny wooden floors, immaculate kitchen and reasonable(ish) price most unfortunately located inside a building rife with signs reading: “No prostitution, drug dealing (insert all kinds of other dodgy activities) will be tolerated” (or something along those lines). It only took me a while to realise that warnings find their origins in actual problems.

Kind of almost like this sign. Photo:

Or the dark and dusty flat in a conveniently located… ahem… established block that only has an OUTSIDE SHOWER AND TOILET. i.e. If you have to wee in the middle of the night, you will not only have to leave your bed, but also your flat, after which you will have to brave the creepy courtyard and scuttle over to your personal potty… TWO DOORS DOWN! No thanks!

Then you find those places you fall head over heels in love with at first sight. Your dream abode where you picture yourself sipping after-work glasses of wine on the balcony, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, hosting dinner parties and befriending the neighbours. The type of places that are always just slightly too expensive, slightly impractical or slightly out of the way.

Oh, wouldn't we all love dear Carrie's NYC apartment? *sigh* Photo:

Despite the frequent lows and short-lived highs  I have been pushing forward in faith and feel that my big break is coming soon, very, very soon! Let’s hope this week brings some good news!




  • Imar

    Haha, it’s all true. I had the dubious honour of accompanying you to the one with the “outhouse”… Who designed that place! Keep the faith, you’ll find a spot.

  • Gabi

    Shame, I hope your breakthrough comes comes running to you very soon… Finding a place can be such a mission, I went through trauma looking for a place in Pietermaritzburg. But thank God I finally found accommodation, I live with this Indian couple, in their main house and they seem like nice people. I eat their curry and spicy food – it’s quite an experience. I just pray that they won’t change!
    Love you Nadia, hope you find a place very soon…
    Keep us posted.

    • Nadia

      Lol! Gabi, that is so CUTE! At least you know you’re being taken care of!
      So glad you found a cool place at least… Ya, just trusting for a lovely place to come along very soon! Much love to you too!

  • Morries

    Maybe the dutch got it right,just cruize into an apartment and make like its your own:P lol seems to be the trend nowadays:) Goodluck my wandering star *

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