Yesterday was the shortest day of the year for us here in the southern hemisphere. And also the longest night. Mid-winter.

It’s been cold and stormy and I keep finding myself closing up tight into a bud, instead of blooming where I’m planted (as the motivational wallpaper on my work computer says I should).

Self-care comes in many forms: exercise, meditation, craft and music. This week, music has been my physician of choice. And the songs that seemed to grab me most had one thing in common: strong female vocals shot through with vulnerability and a good measure of fun.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it too…

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s probably the fact that mediocrity is the devil. Right?

If you aren’t constantly striving to reach a glorious plateau safely beyond the claws of the dreaded ‘M’ word, you’re doing it wrong.

After all, we’re made of stardust and should never settle for anything less than luminescence. Or what?

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Remember in August last year I shared my 5 favourite podcasts with you?

Well, seven months down the line and I’m more obsessed with *listening* to stories than ever before, regularly discovering new gems to add to my weekly playlist.

Instead of introducing you to a batch of my new favourite podcasts, however, I’d rather share a few of the individual episodes that have really captured my imagination lately and stuck around in my head and my heart… for various reasons.

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If there’s one thing I love more than anything else in the entire world, it’s a good story.

And, if you’ll allow me to brag just for a second here, I’m really good at sniffing them out wherever I can.

So, when I finally got round to listening to Serial Season 1 – the who dunnit drama that got the entire world tuning into podcasts again – sometime last year and devoured it at a furious pace,  it didn’t take me very long to find similar sorts of audio thrills elsewhere.

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Since a very young age I’ve been collecting words.

Among the ever-increasing collection of novels on my shelves, you will find notebooks filled with quotes, jotted down in a juvenile handwriting, gathered from the usual sources – Huletts sugar packets, movies, books and magazines – joined in more recent times by snippets of conversation, sharp wit and pleasing turns of phrase spotted on social media.

For some reason I’ve always found tremendous comfort, encouragement and inspiration in words. Here are a few that tumbled into my life this week:

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Okay, look people, I’m of the opinion that if there weren’t any music in this world, there would pretty much be no reason to exist. At all. Imagine we had to wade through our lives sans soundtrack. No soppy love songs to accompany the mushy first flutterings of butterflies-in-the-stomach. No epic oeuvres to guide us…Continue Reading “What I’ve been listening to lately”