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Just a bit of fun: camp set-up & take-down in time-lapse

This past weekend, Guillaume, Jasper and I headed off for a little pre-festive season camping trip to the Breede River.

We pitched our tent (in 40+ degree Celsius heat) at the pet-friendly Rivierplaas just outside Worcester and revelled in the tall trees, green grass and cool river close by.

It was Jasper’s first camping trip with us (who knows what he did in his previous life?!) and while he seemed almost 100% sure that we had lost our marbles for the first 12 hours or so, he eventually settled into the #campvibes and had a great time lolling around on the ground cover, ogling our doggie neighbour, Snowy, and longingly watching us eat (because that’s what camping’s really all about, didn’t you know?).

I had a bit of fun capturing a part of our camp set-up and take-down in time-lapse mode. It’s always amusing seeing people buzzing around at 30fps, but it’s even funnier when you add a perplexed dog into the mix.

Check them out and have a little laugh:

In this first one Jasper only appears about halfway through, after finally deciding to leave the safety of the bakkie (his favourite place in the world).

By the time we started taking down camp, however, he’d become so comfortable, he couldn’t understand why everything was changing again.

All in all, camping with a pet really adds a whole extra dimension to the experience -from laughing at their funny antics to making sure they don’t feel out of their depth in the unfamiliar setting – and I’m really looking forward to doing it more often. And I’m sure Jasper would agree.


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