I love surprises and mail!

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So here I sit… an eventful week of exploration, foefie sliding, wine tasting, near break ups and lovely gifts behind me, and the desire to divulge every last detail in magnificent prose. But somehow the words just won’t come.

So let me start with the simplest stories first. The lovely gifts.

The first arrived in the post, and although expected, the deliciously large and soft brown envelope all the way from Durban, thrilled me no end! Inside? Two absolutely divine tunic tops from the Thrift Collection. If you’re into 2nd hand clothes and vintage goodies, click clickety click on over and prepare to be blown away.

In contrast to the expected post box gift, Morne surprised me with the CUTEST hand delivered prezzie on Wednesday. It came in a large, square checkered pink box that felt dissappointingly light at first, but when I opened it my heart melted and jumped at the same time. Inside? An ADORABLE Hello Kitty lamp :)!! Okay, so you might think it’s a tiny bit kitsch… and it probably is, but I just love everything about it! It even has an alarm clock in the shape of an apple… And as if that wasn’t enough, he added 3 Hello Kitty hair clips into the mix. Yes, I am slightly obsessed and my boyfriend very attentive.

And no, it hasn’t been my birthday, just an unusually blessed week.

It’s getting kind of late and I am starting to feel all drowsy, so I guess I had just better continue with updates about the eventful week tomorrow…


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