It’s been a windy and reasonably eventful week here in Cape Town. A quick rundown before we get to the weekly songs:

1. Monday was Valentine’s Day. But because Morne and I decided to celebrate on Wednesday instead, I spent the evening galavanting around Cape Town with Imar, Tamara and Nikola. We started off with Happy Hour cocktails at Neighbourhood and ended with DELISH half price pizzas at Rafiki’s. It was a really fun night – until Nikola started fainting. She’s fine now though.

Me and Tamara enjoying our Spicy Mojitos and Long Island Iced Teas!
Nikola soon joined in on the fun!
The man behind the lens in the mirror

2. Another awesome thing happened on Monday. Leandra – one of my all time bestest friends – phoned me all the way from South Korea! She’s been teaching there for a good few months now and has been using her free time wisely by traveling to some of the most amazing places. So very jealous of it all, but also incredibly stoked for her!

And when she gets back, we’re releasing this awesome album 😀

3. About the belated Valentine’s celebration… Although I would like to say that is just how alternative people like us roll, the reality is – it was purely a practical arrangement. (You see, at the moment our relationship is ruled by train schedules and  careful consideration of which evening in the week would give us the optimum amount of quality time together.) So, we celebrated our love with a Spur Burger and Kung-Fu Western movie called The Warrior’s Way (thinking of brewing up a post on this too). Hahahaha! Ladies, sometimes you’ve just got to indulge the boy too, you know :).

4. We finally got a flat!!! Woo hoo! Now to climb the Everest-like mountain of deposits and service fees, but guess it’s okay. Because, dear ladies and gentleman, from March onwards I will be a proud resident of Cape Town’s vibrant Kloof Street! That’s right!

And now for the not so great side of the week’s news.

5. It was really, really, really, really windy. Like a monsoon without rain. If only there was just some rain! Today is a lot better though, so let’s hope it stays this way for a few days. Just to give you an idea of the windiness:

Check out those Palm Trees! And the cotton wool cloud covering table mountain. P.S. This photo was taken from the front door of my new flat.
They put up brand new shading on our office block’s rooftop parking. The wind blew one of the poles right out and this thingy that attached it to the ground got ripped out! HECTIC!

6. Rusty got sick :(. The poor little thing was all sad and sleepy and very much not his normal feisty self. Imar and Tamara took him to the animal clinic last night to get checked out and it seems he has some sort of infection.

Poor, brave little Rusty getting a medical examination.

All the AWESOME photos were taken by Imar (except the one of me and Leandra – but he did design the CD cover). He uses this cool iPhone app called Instagram to get these vintage effects. But what would vintage effects be if you didn’t know how to frame a photograph? Follow him on twitter for regular photo updates:


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