I can’t WAIT to ride my new bicycle!

That looks a little something like this…

From: inetgiant.com

But instead of the pink trimmings, it has black… and I’m not sure if the frame is exactly the same.

I’m even thinking of doing this:

From: deeogee.blogspot.com

All I need is a wicker basket for my bike… and a cute little husky!

Or even doing this

From pixelair.tumblr.com

But I think my kitteh may be too big and too wild.

Anyhow… at the moment my bike is still in its box at my parents’ home, because I haven’t had a chance to put it together yet…AND… I’m kind of waiting to move into a new place first.

But still, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

And just for the record, some wisdom from mr. Einstein himself:

A quote by Albert Einsten. Pic from: vol25.typepad.com

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